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Friday, September 17, 2010

For Colored Girls- New Tyler Perry Movie

When it comes to Tyler Perry, he has set back black people more than flavor Flav and Little Wayne could do in a lifetime. But on other hand, you almost have to respect him as an entrepreneur, who will be a billionaire soon. He was inspired by the ultimate Mogul Oprah, who also garners respect but also some criticism from the black community because of her inability to arguably make a big impact in the black community. However I will discuss this topic on a different blog.

When it come to Tyler, I believe as many others, that images he portrays on the screen are often stereotypical and offensive. With his new movie“For Colored Girls” I hope he does not do something like “Precious.” “Precious” based on a book called Push was an often painful to watch portrayal of an obese black girl whose abusive mother allows her father to perform sexually acts on her. This movie was received well by some blacks and critically acclaimed in the white community. The proof is that it received 2 Oscars for best writing and best acting in a supporting roles for Monique. However, I believe it won because white people could see black people in typical age-old stereotypes. When do you see black people getting Oscars playing some award winning doctor, lawyer, or politician? If they are in those roles then there always has to be some kind of commentary about them as a black person in that role. And when it comes to Tyler Perry’s he reminds me of Flip Wilson. I thought we were done with black men in dresses, but it seems that Tyler Perry, like Martin Lawrence must bring it back

I wish there would be more directors like Spike Lee who pays more attention to the images that he puts out there for the larger public to see. As my mom use to always say, is there are some things you show to family and other things you show in public. I think some of the stereotypical images that Tyler Perry is showing is best left behind close door and not seen by all.



  1. I see your point about Perry. Even though I also don't like some of his films, do you think he could have come out with a film like "Dr. Kings story" and be on the brink of becoming a billionaire?

    Maybe now that he is in a place of power and influence, he will create more films of substance.

    Maybe now he can take off his tap shoes.

    From, yet another typical angry black woman

  2. Thanks for this post. Interesting point about Precious was widely received by whites because they "could see black people in typical, age-old stereotypes."

    How about a future post re: the highly respected -- and awarded -- Denzel Washington. He won a Tony this year for playing a trash collector; he's won an Academy Award for playing a soldier. He did play a lawyer opposite Tom Hanks when the latter won the Oscar for Philadelphia, but Washington's attorney wasn't exactly high-powered or respected; he was the only person who'd take the case.

  3. I would love to hear your thoughts on Spike Lee and how he uses film to convey his message to audiences. Also, what's your take on Terry McMillian books (How Stella Got Her Grove Back, Waiting to Exhale, and Disappearing Acts)that are turned into films? Did you hear that she has a new book out entitled, Getting to Happy?

  4. I really think Spike is great and when I thought about becoming a filmmaker I always wanted to be like him. He makes the kind of movies that black folk can be proud of. Terry McMillian does a little too much man bashing because her Jamaican King ended up being a queen. However, some of her movies have merit and I they have an audience. I think as a filmmaker we can make great films that are responsible but if no one wants to see them then you will remain broke and in the mothers basement viewing them and no one will hire you.