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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bishop Eddy Long & the Black Church

Bishop Eddy Long & the Black Church
About five years ago when I was at a low point in my life, a friend of mine handed me a CD to listen to. I heard this strong confident voice speak about prosperity and Gods plan for me. It was a sermon of Bishop Eddy Long and I played that CD to death, even playing it for my mother and girlfriend at the time. It was refreshing to believe that God had a plan when I did not have a clue. Fast forward to five years later and I hear a story about an Atlanta Bishop who is accused of having homosexual sex with four young males. I at first heard the name and denied it was the same Eddy Long which I had remembered from those CD’s. I was in disbelief until I saw the videos of his accusers and I was shaken back to reality. Maybe he did it or maybe he didn’t, but either way something happened that was inappropriate in my opinion. When the young man looked into the camera and said that Long “could not look him in his face” I believed him. Long in his statement to the congregation starts his statement with “I am not a perfect man” and what he never says is that he did not do it.
In the Black Church unlike any other Church, the status of a preacher is heightened. This is because most black people do not go to counseling for the most part, so their preacher is their councilor, confident, financial advisor and for black women stand in husband. For these young people who did not have a father he was their missing father. This is why I feel even more so in the black community, when a preacher possibly breaks his vows to the community, it is more damaging because he is more than just a Bishop he’s everything. And black people are more religious and steadfast than other races because of their checkered past oppression and lack of leadership outside of the church. Shoot, most of our leaders come from religious background like Rev Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and Reverend Al Sharpton. So if Bishop did commit the hennas act then he not only has to answer to god if you believe in that but he also has to answer to the Black Community whom are lacking in leadership.


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  2. The Bishop?????

    Oh My God!!! Was all I could say about this story. You touched on a very good point about the BLACK CHURCH being more than just a church in the black community. It's not just gospel songs and holy rollers. I don't know if America can truly understand the culture of the black church do you?

    It is truly devastating if Bishop Eddie Long did these crimes. Because I agree with you that we have only a few great leaders and situations like this set back these young men, that church, and other black churches into chaos.

    You also mention "checkered past" of blacks in America. I think it is definitely one of the reasons why the church is so powerful, but it just can't be helped. Because of all the issues that blacks continue to face and still going on (even after President Obama was elected) some black people I feel need a place to go to talk to others that understand or a place to make friends or where their children will be safe and receive a different historical and educational view on issues concerning the black community.

    Note: After watching this clip, I too also have a hard time NOT believing his statement.

  3. Unfortunately, I also agree that the video of the young man accusing Long is damaging, and I also am leaning towards believing him. For all who have been under his teachings I hope and pray that it is untrue.

    A very valid point is made in your commentary regarding the leadership, or lack thereof in the Black community. For centuries African Americans have used the church as a means of organizing and mobilizing the community. The leaders have always come from the pulpit. To a witness a leader fall is difficult when there are few leaders to follow as it is.

    Secondly, recognizing that the Bishop is a Christian, or professing to be, is also quite troubling. As a Christian, if this is true, he will join the many televangelists that have publicly fallen. Man is not perfect, the only perfect being that should be followed is Christ. The Bible says 'mark the perfect man and behold the upright' - that person is Christ, not Bishop Long. Even with that being stated, I can't help wondering how many people will be turned off to the Love of Christ because of man's failure.