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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Waiting for Superman 2

After writing my recent blog on the Movie “Waiting for Superman” I took my own advice and saw it. I have to say that even-though the movie theater was empty and people were even leaving 10 minutes in, I enjoyed it. They brought up many great points about drop out factories and tracking. I found out that the school in which I taught in last year is both a drop out factory and tracks students either into college or into the penitentiary. I with the help of some students from the high school made a PSA on the increasing dropout rate and the rising crime rate. This fact was especially apparent in D.C. where the now former chancellor of school Michelle Rhee tried to decrease the dropout rate along with the test scores by increasing the pay of high achieving teachers, however the powerful teachers unions did not let that happen. So the song and dance continues while the children suffer the consequences. My ex-girlfriend who is a teacher use to always sweat because she was constantly being evaluated. The minute she was tenured, she literally let her hair out taking out her hair relaxer and relaxed on her standards. She was a better teacher when she had them breathing down her neck. I saw her recently because a boy who I call my son was in one of her classes and she did not have the fire that she once did.
I am not saying she is a horrible teacher but what I am saying is she teaches in a school which is a drop out factory and her
fire is out. I believe we need to hear all ideas and "Waiting for Superman" has some ideas and I will say again, all educators and parents need to see it. We need to face the facts that we are not even in the top ten in eduction however we believe we are NUMBER 1.. could we be ignorant?
LET ME TELL YOU A LITTLE BLACK SECRET- There are black people who are embarrassed by other blacks that we deem ignorant. They are the N words. They are the reason we get a bad rap. I was on the train the other day and I came upon these young black children could not be any older than 15 talking all loud with sexually explicit language and I shook my head wanting to tell them to cut it out. How do we educate these children. Are they a product of a bad up bringing or terrible schools.

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  1. Superman 2

    Yes I concur, "Waiting for Superman" was a great film and people really need to go see it because the film lays out some of the complex problems our schools face in a condensed manner.

    The N-WORD!

    I do not use the word because it was created to mentally de-humanize black people to the rest of the world.

    I don't know where to start but it's going to be a long and hard educational journey to get the youth to understand the true context of the word and why they should not use it.