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Monday, November 29, 2010


On Friday I settled down with my turkey sandwich and watched a 20/20 Barbra Walters special on Barack Obama and the first family. Barbra, Michelle and President Obama walked through the white house talking and even being greeted by Bo, the presidential dog. And I said to my self wow, Barack really does a lot more television than other presidents in the past. The other thing that struck me is that he can never be candid. I’m not a newbie to politics because I actually have a degree in political science however, the level of folksy I’m from Texas candidacy became the center of George Bushes appeal and may have won him the election. However when Barack Obama is asked by Barbra Walters what does he enjoy white meat or dark it becomes an ultra political question which garnered an answer of both. Barack could not say dark meat because some political pundit would have claimed that this proves he is a racist. You think I’m taking it too serious, well do you remember beer gate. Henry Louis Gates a well respected Harvard Professor who just so happens to be friends with President Obama had a racial incident when he was entering his own house after a long trip. President Obama could not even candidly say that the cops acted stupidly with out taking back his statements. This is because you can’t disrespect the Cambridge police but the White House, as long as a black man is in there, well that’s alright.
On ABC news Dick Cheney when asked about the unpopular war said “so what “ which should be political suicide, but was actually no be deal in the news cycle. Barack has to be more careful of his statements because he is under closer scrutiny. He is not only the first black President but also the target of the Republican Party who will never call him black or the n word but will ignore him, disrespect him and ultimately go against every policy he even utters. The funny thing is that Barack has not deviated from what he said in the campaign. Health care check. End the war check. Stabilize the economy check. Take away the rights of the citizens and bring on socialism, well that was neither in the campaign nor in the policy. Barack is the republicans and white Americans boogieman that they can blame for every problem. I can tell you as a black man time after time when I was blamed for something I had nothing to do with and was surrounded by white faces, so I can sympathize with Barack. People have not yelled out in an important meeting that I have lied but I have been subjected to white people who just don’t accept the authority of someone black. So when Barack is asked do you think you spent too much political capitol on Health Care he should say “so what.” And when asked if he likes white meat or dark he should say I like dark, do you see my wife. (Joke)

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  1. Is the President Black?
    Is the President White?

    Yes & Yes !!!

    So why can't he talk about and or bring issues to light that happen to affect his more browner side.

    At first when you bring up the white meat or dark meat by itself it sounds harmless yet he had answer the question in such a way, so that no one took offense.

    So It's not just turkey any more

    And When President Obama made a comment about how a cop incorrectly handled a Harvard Professor at his home one evening, and how expressed how he felt about it, the media went crazy and tried to paint the president as a racist.

    I couldn't believe it.

    So what if he likes dark meat!!!

    He has stood his ground on most of his policies as you have provided on your check list