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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Professor Naison

My interview was on Professor Naison Head of the Urban & Black Studies at the Rose Hill Fordham campus. And Naison’s interview was fascinating to me being that I have a degree in black studies from a program in upstate New York with no white professors. I’m sorry if I let the cat out the bag but I did not know that the head of the black studies department was white until I started to do some research on him.
I went to his class on a Tuesday, which was an off day for me and he was discussing a strip club and the kind of music that everyone was enjoying, Cee-Lo. I had to laugh inside picturing an old white man in a strip club listening to Cee-Lo. However his class was very interesting and his students seem to be really into it. The interview, which you must watch, was an hour long session of two revolutionary brothers even-though one was white, just chopping it up. ENJOY


  1. Really enjoyed this interview. Prof. Naison should have his own reality show! He's so articulate and entertaining at the same time. And I love this line: " was an hour long session of two revolutionary brothers even-though one was white." Thank you!!

  2. Au contrair, mon ami. I believe that Lawrence should have his own show. He truly has a voice to be heard and a great outlook on life. Great job on the interview, filming, and edit on this piece. A true talent! Furthermore, this interview is done in good taste and you did a fine job capturing professor Naison’s essence.